As per the new University Act 2016 requirements cited under reference, the Management of S.I.C.E.Society has constituted College Development Committee (CDC) in place of Local Managing Committee (LMC) for our College for five years w.e.f. from September 2019. As per the directives of University of Mumbai, the composition of new CDC as follows:-

Sr. No. Name Position in CDC Composition
01. Shri. T. Gopalan

Vice-President of S.I.C.E.Society

Chairperson Chairperson of the Management
02. Shri. Slaashi V. Pillai Secretary of the S.I.C.E.Society Member Secretary of the Management


Mrs. U ma V. Tanwar Head of the Department (Commerce Department) Member One Head of Department, to be nominated by the Principal or the Head of the Institution


Dr. Digamber M. Sapl‹a1 Head of the Depaitment (Physics Department) Members Three Teachers in the College or recognized institution, elected by the full-time amongst themselves out of whom atleast one shall be woman


Mr. Shrinivas N. Dudgal Head of the Department

(Information Technology Department )



Mrs. Rakhi V. Gulati

Head of the Department (Self-F inance – BMS, BAF & BBI




Mr. Vijayraj S. Alzande Senior Clerl‹ (Administrative Department) Member One Non-teaching staff elected by regular Non-Teaching staffs from amongst themselves
Four Local Members, nominated by the Management in consul of Education, Industry, Research and Social Service of wh tation with the Principal, from the fields om at least one shall be Alumnus.
08. Shri. Cianesh V. Kale (Chartered Accountant, Thane) Member Member (Educationist)
09. Shri. Deepal‹ 14. Revenkar

(MD, Deepsrin Energy Ltd., in Ambernath)

Member Member (Industry Representative)
10. Dr. Arun K.Kadu (Researcher at University of Mumbai) Member Member (Researcher Representative)
11. Shri. Marshal R. Nadar

(President of NGO, ”Youth of Today Welfare Foundation, Badlapur)

Member Member

(Social Service Representative & Alumnus)

12. Dr. Yogesh S. Shelar Assistant Professor from (Chemistry Department) Member Member

(Co-ordinator IQAC)

13. Deepali S. Sharma Secretary of College Student’s Council Member President and Secretary of the College Student’s Council (on Annual Rotation)
14. Dr. Flarshal M. Bachhav (Incharge Principal) Member


Principal of the College

The working details of CDC, its composition, term and functions have been detailed in the New University Act 2016 and “Maharashtra Government Gazette” dated 1 I “’ January 2017.

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