South Indian Children’s Education Society popularly known as SICES established in 1943 by LATE SHRI N. SHANKARAN NAIR (Founder) emerged as a prime institution in Ambarnath Taluka of Thane District catering to the aspiration of minority status (Linguistic Minority) under article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India vide letter No. 2009/740/39/2009 from academic year 2008 -2009. The objective of the institution was to provide a learning atmosphere & enable a student to develop into an intellectually alive and responsible citizen of the country. To guide the student in developing into a positive personality who goes in pursuit of excellence in whichever field he/she embarks on. To instill human values patriotism and secularism in the students.
SICE SOCIETY, in 2018-19 has completed 75 glorious years of service to the society. It has well established Junior & Degree College, both aided and Un-aided section offering Arts, Commerce & Science courses.

SICES Degree College of Arts, Science & Commerce affiliated to the University of Mumbai, was established in the year 2009 with best possible infrastructure. It offers courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, and Management streams at the Undergraduate level. The College located in Jambhul Phata area of Ambarnath is spread in an area of 5 acres on a hilltop. Its surrounding abounds in greenery and serenity and is a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of town. The nearest local railway station is Ambarnath and Badlapur.

For achieving holistic development of student’s personality, the college provides exposure to the highest quality education through SPORTS, NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (N.S.S.) and NATIONAL CADET CORPS (N.C.C.). The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are channelized through various associations viz; Science Association, Commerce Association, Career Guidance & Placement cell, Competitive Exam Guidance cell and many more.


To create a platform for students to achieve quality education and overcome economic barriers.


To create a positive learning atmosphere. To motivate and enrich every student to step out as an individual well equipped to earn and gain decent livelihood with highest human values.


SERVING STUDENTS (degree and transfer, personal interest, and developmental learners). We serve our students by providing the following:

  • Curricular programs that foster academic breadth and skills training for success in arts/general employment and/or transfer to baccalaureate degree programs.
  • Learning opportunities that are flexible and support alternative learning rates and styles, and an openness to other learning possibilities.
  • one-to-one student mentoring and advising with art faculty.


  • Offering A.A. Liberal Arts degrees and A.F.A. Pre-Professional degrees in Fine Arts and Photography.
  • Offering sequential classes in art history, basic studio in art/design, and emphases in ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography.
  • Collaborating with Teacher Education at GRCC and other curricular programs.


  • Providing space facilities, equipment, and technology appropriate to support curricular offerings.
  • Promoting the health and safety of our students and the environment by responsible risk management of our studios, fine arts materials, and photographic chemicals.


  • Assessing teaching strategies, alternative pedagogies, and program offerings to meet current and future student/community needs.
  • Ensuring professional currency of faculty knowledge and skills by participating in new technology training, studio workshop or research opportunities, and professional national art organizations.

SERVING THE COMMUNITY by the following:

  • Promoting student volunteerism in the community.
  • Promoting GRCC Art Gallery with its mission dedicated to providing diverse, high-quality exhibitions for the education and inspiration of the college and community.

Best Practices

  • Title of the Practice: Yoga Practices
  • Objectives of the Practice: The aim of the practice is to promote YOGA among the students. This practice also conditions the student’s mental hygiene and good health. The emotional stability of the students is one of the key objectives.
  • The Context: In the sub-urban areas of metro cities, the pollution, and lack of space are the key parameters limiting the sound health of the students. The lack of playgrounds and open spaces in students residential areas limits their physical activity. Overexposure to the technology also makes students intro-ward and emotionally unstable. The proper learning outcomes of education are driven by the good conditions of the body and mind. Yoga provides the solutions for the mentioned problems. Yoga requires small space and can be done at leisure. The college emphasized on this aspect via the yoga training sessions carried out during this five year period.

Best Practice 01:

    • International Yoga day 26th June is celebrated every year.
    • Yoga Shibir are organized in the college campus for staff, students and parents.
    • The yoga lessons were demonstrated and practiced in each annual NSS 07 day’s residential camps at adopted village in the morning sessions. The various aspects and benefits of pranayam, yoga-asana were conveyed to the volunteers.
    • Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande holds the prime responsibility of Yoga Centre. He has been providing training at University level Yoga Shibir and also local primary schools. He is deeply involved in promotion of Yoga in college and in the nearby society. He is the resource person for various university level Yoga Shibir.
    • 21/06/2016 : 34 students participated in Yoga Day Celebration
    • 1/04/2016 to 7/04/2016: 07 Days Yoga Shibir was conducted under guidance of Shri. Ujjain Lokhande Sir. Daily 15 to 20 participants attended the Shibir.
    • Yoga Lessons were given by volunteers to Z.P. School students of adopted village Yevegaon and Pimploli Taluka Ambarnath on 28/06/2016. This activity promotes the Yoga in relatively deprived area.
    • The meditation and stress management week was celebrated by college from 16/08/2018 to 30/08/2018. The students practiced various Yogasan and Pranayama during the 8 days. The feedback of the students were also encouraging. Nearly 418 students were benefited within this week. The date wise students benefitted have been summarized in following table:
      Sr. No. Date Class No of Students
      1 16/08/2018 F. Y. B. Com. 70
      2 18/08/2018 S. Y. B. Com. 33
      3 20/08/2018 T. Y. B. Com. 29
      4 21/08/2018 F. Y. / S. Y. / T. Y. B. Sc. 93
      5 23/08/2018 FYBMS / FYBAF / FYBBI 60
      6 28/08/2018 B. Sc. / C. S. / I. T. 41
      7 29/08/2018 TYBMS / TYBAF / TYBBI 47
      8 30/08/2018 SYBMS / SYBAF/ SYBBI 45
  • National youth day i.e. birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated by practicing the “Surya Namaskar” in college premises on 12/01/2019. About 146 students and staff participated and benefited by the event.
  • Evidence of Success: Photographs and videos of all above mentioned activities are properly maintained. The feedback of the students collected after the activities also convey that the students wanted to continue yoga practices in day to day life.
    Meditation and Stress Management Week: 16/08/2018 to 30/08/2018
    National Youth Day on 12/01/2019:
  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Slight remote location of college does not allow institute to carry out yoga sessions for the society much often.

Best Practice 02:  Efforts to increase number of admissions

Objectives of the Practice

The aim of the practice was to consistently improve the number of admissions in institute. The people should be made aware about advantage of having a nearby grant in aid Science College. The practice was also implemented to convey the importance of the latest self-financing courses being run by the institute. Maximum engagement with the nearby junior college students and staff was also the key aim of the practice.

The Context

The college was established in the year 2009 with linguistic minority status. College runs traditional Arts, Science and Commerce courses and self-financed courses. The SICES Degree College is the first college with grant in aid for the science faculty in Ambernath taluka. The key task in front of the staff was to increase the number of admissions in the college with proper quality maintenance. At the start the population density in the vicinity of college campus was also less. The parents and students should be convinced regarding the education quality and affordability. Majority of the population is lower middle class inter-state migrants, hence it was also necessary to make the fees payments more feasible.

The Practice

  • The science association of the college arranged multiple intercollegiate science exhibitions. The students in surrounding junior colleges were invited for displaying their science projects and posters. The potential winners of the competitions were awarded with cash prizes and certificates.
  • The career guidance seminars were arranged for H. Sc. students. The college staff delivered seminars. The students and parents were invited for the seminars by the staff personally.
  • Our college staff carried out guest lectures on various topics like maths and physics in the nearby junior colleges.  Dr. V. S. Patil delivered a guidance lecture on topic of “Integration techniques” to the H.S.C. students of Neral vidyamandir, Neral on 02ndFeb 2018. Dr. Vikas V. Deshmane conducted guest lecture on “Summary of electrostatics” to H.S.C. students of Neral Vidyamandir on 02ndFeb 2018.
  • Voluntary visits to nearby Junior colleges on the day of H.S.C. results declaration: The teaching and non-teaching staffs were divided into groups. The staff visited to allotted junior colleges and consulted the respective principal, staff and students. This interaction also helped to grow the communication with admissible students.
  • Apart from the scholarships the college management gives 10 and 15% concession in college fees to the deserving students.
  • The students with economic problems were allowed to pay the college fees in 2 to 3 installments. Many students used this opportunity of fees installments.
  • Staff counseled the students and parents who visited the college for the admissions. The guidance regarding the choice of the subject, scope of the courses were given to the stakeholders. Day wise counseling schedule is followed by the staff during admission period.
  • Telephonic communication is adopted to communicate with the H.S.C. passed students to inform regarding college and courses and it has been proved fruitful for the purpose.
  • The Pamphlets containing college highlights and details of Courses were distributed via newspapers, and in person on the day of H.S.C. results.
  • The aspiring students were provided with free only registration facility on University portal.
  • The college infrastructure has been gradually increased along with promoting staff for acquiring advanced skills. The increase in number computer, projectors and internet facility in college has supported the quality of education for the students.

Evidence of Success

Evidence of the success of various activities carried out for increase in number of admissions clearly reflects in gradual increase in year wise number of student admissions data.  The graphical representation of the increase in students admission has been attached. The photographs of all above mentioned activities are properly maintained. The photographs of pamphlet distribution and various efforts have been attached. Letters of appreciation of guest lectures have been attached.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

College is located at 4.0 km distance in between the Ambernath and the Badlapur railway station. Travelling through local train is the cheapest mode of transportation and considering extra 4.0 km distance transportation becomes expensive. This is biggest constraint the college students are facing. Though current number of admission is satisfactory but it needs to be increased, hence implementing further ideas to enhance the admission strength is the challenge in front of the college.

Yoga Practices Photos

21/06/2019 Yoga Day Celebration in College at N. Shankaran Nair Memorial Auditorium Staff and Students Participated Guidance by YOGA Expert : Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande

YOGA Practices in 07 Days Residential Camp carried out daily from 30/01/2019 to 05/02/2019

21/06/2018 Yoga Day, YOGA Guidance by Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande at College

21/06/2018 Yoga Day, YOGA Guidance by Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande at Pimploli Zilha Parishad Primary School, Pimploli Village, Pimploli, Taluka Ambarnath, Dist. Thane , Maharashtra

Year 2018-19 Residential Camp (Day 01) NSS Camp Day-1. Early Morning visit of I/c Principal with Physics HOD at Camp Site and Participation on daily YOGA and Prayer

24/06/2017 Yoga day Yoga Lessons and Guidance by College Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande  to Primary School childrens at Sawrewadi Primary School, Sawrewadi, Taluka Ambarnath, Dist Thane

21/06/2016,  Yoga lessons were given to Z.P. School Children’s at Sawrewadi, Taluka Ambarnath, Dist Thane

 7 Days Residential Special Camp : AVEGAON, Tal. Ambarnath. Daily YOGA Sessions in Early Morning by YOGA Teacher Physical Director Mr. Ujjain Lokhande

21.06.2015 International YOGA Day Celebration, Guidance by YOGA Teacher Mr. Ujjain Lokhande , Physical Director