Department of commerce was established in the year 2009-10.

The department is the sole aim of providing good quality education to students. Department of commerce emphasis on overall development of students for that it provide various activities with their regular curriculum.

Commitment to pursue excellence in commerce education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in commerce stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents.

“Department of Commerce is dedicated to excellence in performance and committed to provide quality education opportunities and services that meet the needs of business and also contribute for the society’s wellbeing, national development and to meet global competencies”

  • To provide in depth knowledge of curricular & co-curricular activities.
  • To enrich knowledge through programmes such as Study report, projects, guest lectures etc.
  • To train students in skills related to industry and market.
  • To create foundation for research and development.


We invite eminent personalities from industrial and educational background to conduct various seminars and workshops under commerce associations to provide practical knowledge. We arrange various events like poster competition,

quiz competition, movie sessions, etc to upgrade students towards the current global or business environment.


  • To supervise all the activities of the department.
  • To conduct departmental meetings.
  • To provide code of conduct to all staff.


  • To Maintain discipline in classroom and premises. To Conduct lectures and activities as per schedule.
  • To obey all the orders of HOD.


  • To Maintain discipline in college premises.
  • To Maintain cleanliness of deparment.
  • To follow orders of HOD and Staff.
  • Display notices on notice boards.

The head of the department in confirmation with Principal Sir takes decision and is passed to the members and teaching staff.

  • STAFF:- Lockers, computers, Staff room internet facility, departmental library, and all other teaching aids.
  • STUDENTS:- Library, canteen facilities, gym khanna, Sports equipments.
  • ALUMNI:-participate in Annual function, Placement opportunities.


Departmental meetings are held at least thrice in one term. If necessary meetings are taken as and when necessary.

CL & DL:

CL is sanctioned by the Head of the Department, if of regular nature and DL is sanctioned when the positive remark is put up by the Head of the Department. Leave adjustment record is done and record of which is maintained in the Department.


Time table is prepared by the Head of the department before the beginning of the next term, Class TT, individual TT, workload, consolidated TT is prepared, stamped and sealed by the Head of the Department and then by Principal.


Projects are given to the students of Sem VI which carry 100 marks and the mode is that the internal examiners are appointed for students guidance and External examiners are appointed for who are invited from other colleges and who take Viva-voce of the students.


Extra Curricular activities are initiated by the department and students are motivated to participate in the same.

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The Internal project of Foundation course subject is there in which students are given marks out of 25 on the basis of project/viva given to them.

F.Y.B.Com S.Y.B.Com T.Y.B.Com
  • Accounting
  • Commerce-I
  • Business Economics
  • Foundation Course
  • Business Communication
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Environmental Studies etc.
  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Commerce II
  • Business Economics
  • Foundation Course
  • Advertising etc.
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Direct and Indirect Tax
  • Audit
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Research etc.
  • Various students have participated and won the prizes in various cultural Inter-Collegiate Competitions at local and national level.
  • Many of students have participated and presented research papers in various state and national conferences also won prizes.
  • Our students have participated and won prizes at national level sports competitions.
  • Many of our alumni are associated with NGOs, some have became entrepreneurs, and many are working with renowned organizations.
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Teaching Staff

Uma V. Tanwar
Mudassar Sayyed
Asst. Prof.
Miss. Pramila Dashrath Sharma
Asst. Prof.
Rakhi V. Gulati
Asst. Prof.
Shanti Mudaliar
Asst. Prof.
Ghanshyam T. Lakhani
Asst. Prof.
Vishal S. Shingare
Asst. Prof.
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