B.com (Accounting & Finance) department was established in the year 2012-13.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) is a three-year undergraduate course that offers in-depth knowledge in accounting and financial subjects by different means such as classroom teachings, seminars, projects, practical training, industrial visits, conferences, expert talks, etc.The B.com (Accounting & Finance) is a specialization course that provides the student with a strong understanding of Accounts and Finance. Over the last few years, Accounts and Finance have grown hugely in terms of business potential and the requirement for human resource in this field is also increasing. This course has bright career prospects in the field of accounts and flnance in Public as well as Private sector.

  • To arouse batch of expert graduates who would establish good work life balance by enhancing their work goals.
  • To make students ready to face upcoming career challenges in their professional field.
  • Be a learning department, where continuous efforts are taken to enhance the inner skills and to elevate the excellence among the students to face the external environment with confidence and determination.
  • To develop professional skills among students who would lay their strong foundation on Accounts, Finance and Ethics for the benefit of themselves and the society.
  • To satisfy the professional industrial needs regarding expertise in the field of Accounting and Finance.
  • To create competent business professionals in the field of Accounting and Finance who will be innovative and resourceful.
  • To acquire a broad knowledge of degree subjects(s) with detailed knowledge in selected areas.
  • To acquire skills in observation and measurement be able to demonstrate the ability to acquire , analyse, critically evaluate and present subject-related information.
  • To be qualified for employment in the graduate employment market or to pursue post graduate training.


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Quiz competition
  • Guest lecture
  • Practical session



  • To supervise all the activities.
  • To conduct departmental meetings.
  • To provide code of conduct


  • Maintain discipline in classroom and premises.
  • Conduct lectures and activities as per schedule.


  • Maintain discipline in college premises.
  • Maintain cleanliness
  • Display notices

The head of the department in confirmation with Principal Sir takes decision and is passed to the members and teaching staff.

  • STAFF:– Lockers, computers, internet facility, departmental library, and all other teaching aids
  • STUDENTS:- Library, Canteen facilities, Gym Khanna, Sports equipment’s
  • ALUMNI:– Participate in Annual function, Placement opportunities


Departmental meetings are held at least thrice in one term. If necessary meetings are taken as and when necessary.

CL & DL:

CL is sanctioned by the Head of the Department, if of regular nature and DL is sanctioned when the positive remark is put up by the Head of the Department. Leave adjustment record is done and record of which is maintained in the Department.


Time table is prepared by the Head of the department before the beginning of the next term, Class TT, individual TT, workload, consolidated TT is prepared, stamped and sealed by the Head of the Department and then by Principal.


Projects are given to the students of Sem VI which carry 100 marks and the mode is that the internal examiners are appointed for students guidance and External examiners are appointed for who are invited from other colleges and who take Viva-voce of the students.

The Internal exam of the students is conducted once in each term by the exam committee. The exam committee members are appointed as Senior supervisors and also the faculties are appointed as Junior supervisors.

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Rakhi Gulati
Asst. Prof. & Co-ordinator
Mr. Ghanshyam Lakhani
Asst. Prof.

Extra Curricular activities are initiated by the department and students are motivated to participate in the same

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