A warm welcome to one and all

South Indian Children’s Education Society popularly known as SICES was established by Late Shri. N. SHANKARAN NAIR in 1943. SICES offers education in Ambarnath from Primary to Undergraduate since last 08 decades and the SICES Degree College established in year 2009-10 runs under its roof. Degree college provides a platform for Value education in a vibrant atmosphere with its academic, co-curricular and extension activities.

The initiative and efforts are taken to motivate and enrich every student to develop so that they step out as a complete individual well versed to face the competitive world ahead and withstand to accomplish heights of success. We, at our college are committed to provide facilities and infrastructure for fulfilling needs of a globally relevant education institute. We aim to create a secure and challenging environment, nurturing students with values & culture leading them to be a completely developed citizen. We believe that every student is gifted to work hard and to unlock their highest potential and reach the heights of success. SICES Degree College is the choice for an ambitious student to succeed. I wish you all wonderful years ahead.

Dr. Harshal M. Bachhav
(I/C Principal)

With COVID-19 pandemic scenario still in continuation, we are concerned about the well-being of students and their families. Help-desks for Psychological counselling, Health-care, Stress management were initiated by visionary college authorities to solve queries raised by students and calm them in these dreadful times. The ONLINE MODE of education, as per the University of Mumbai guidelines helped us to stay in connect with our students. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted during this time have helped them to stay occupied at the same time reach globally within the safe confines of their homes. With the vaccination drive in full swing throughout country, we look forward to meet our students in a safe and healthy environment.