1. All non-teaching faculty should display their identity cards continuously when in college campus.
  2. All non-teaching faculties should follow the rules laid down by University of Mumbai.
  3. To perform duties allotted by Principal / HOD.
  1. Continual display of Identity cards is mandatory in college campus.
  2. Faculty should be present 10 minutes before the commencement of the daily lectures/practical according to the time table and complete all the allotted work load in the stipulated time.
  3. Faculty should apply responsible ethical practices in teaching.
  4. Faculties should undertake continuous teaching and research improvement activities.
  5. No physical punishment should be given to the students. 
  6. Misbehaving students should be reported to discipline committee/HOD/Principal.
  7. Parents should be called upon in the college only on recommendation of discipline committee/HOD/Principal.
  8. Regular student attendance should be maintained.
  9. Faculties should follow the leave rules laid down by the University of Mumbai and UGC.
  1. partments as per the University of Mumbai norms.
  2. To frame time table and distribution of work load for proper implementation of the desired teaching outcomes.
  3. To monitor and ensure classes are held according to the time-table.
  4. Guide and help staff members for better knowledge dissemination.
  5. To monitor and ensure overall development of slow and fast learners.
  6. To conduct periodic meetings of faculty to plan and review department activities.
  7. To arrange guest lecture, industrial visits, webinar to encourage students for gaining practical knowledge.
  8. Consider students grievances and try to resolve them through ethical academic practices.
  9. To monitor department/laboratory maintenance.
  1. The Principal should ascertain the smooth and efficient functioning of the institute for the overall development of the students.
  2. The Principal should monitor and ensure proper discipline in college campus with ethical disciplinary actions. ·
  3. Form, coordinate and monitor various college level committees. 
  4. Encourage staff members for continuous knowledge upgradation via various activities like research work, workshops, seminars, authorships..
  5. The Principal should ensure the application of Code of Conduct by college staff.
  6. The Principal should ensure the implementation of the directives given by college management. ·
  7. The Principal should plan, review and implement the short and long term plan of action for the progress of students and institute.
  8. The Principal should forward unbiased confidential report of all staff members to the Management. ·

For detailed regulation of University of Mumbai visit: https://mu.ac.in/ordinances-regulations