Establishment of department: 2009-10

Course running in the department: F.Y, S.Y. & T.Y. B.Sc. Chemistry

The Department of chemistry offers B.Sc. Program. Department has well qualified faculty with research experience. Various activities are conducted for the students for their personal and professional development such lectures from eminent speakers, scientific projects and assignments, industrial visits, cultural activities etc. Students are also shaped and guided for various competitive exams.

Vision of department is to enhance quality education by providing exposure to the students to current subject knowledge in the developing society, so that they can build their future in a better way.

To empower students through knowledge and information and help them emerge as competent and professional graduates.

  • To provide sound theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry to students.
  • To prepare students for advanced studies in chemistry after graduation.
  • To shape students to have careers in their field of interest after graduation.
  • To comprehend the relationship between theoretical chemistry taught in classroom and the laboratory experiments.
  • To have an effective communication through written and oral reports.
  • To become aware of basic instrumentations and also to use computer as a tool to learn chemistry
  • Dr. Harshal M. Bachhav- For Contribution by RTO office Kalyan,
  • Dr. Harshal M. Bachhav- Best Teacher Award by Swayam Siddhi College of Management & Research, 5/09/2018
  • Dr. Harshal M. Bachhav-For special help by Nagar Parishad, Ambernath, 2/10/2018

The basic infrastructure required for UG degree program in Chemistry is available for the students:

  • Two well spaced, equipped and ventilated laboratories
  • K-Yan All in one Projector cum computer for ICT teaching
  • Two desktop computers with high internet facility (20 mbps) along with laser printer.
  • Sufficient glassware, apparatus and instruments for physical and analytical chemistry practical
  • One magnetic stirrer, one centrifuge machine and one vacuum pump
  • Two separate refrigerators for chemicals storage and ice bath
  • UV–Spectrophotometer, UV cabinet and Flame photometer , Turbidimeter.
Dr. Harshal M. Bachhav
Assistant Professor & Head
Mr. Sharad K. Awate
Assistant Professor
Dr. Yogesh S. Shelar
Assistant Professor
Mr. Zaid Mohammad
Lab Assistant
Mr. Sachin Talap
Lab Attendant
Name of the Faculty


Research Papers Publications


  National International
Dr. Harshal. M. Bachhav


Asst.Prof. Sharad K. Awate


Dr. Yogesh S. Shelar


Dr. Niraj. M. Bahuguni



Students are made available the advanced reference books from the respective teachers as and when required from their personal inventory of books.

  • Harshal M. Bachhav- 28th UGC -Sponsored Orientation Programme, UGC- Human Resource Development Centre, Punjab University , Patiala, 18/4/2016 to 14/05/2016.
  • Sharad Kashinath Awate- 32nd UGC -Sponsored Orientation Programme,                        UGC- Human Resource Development Centre, Punjab University , Patiala, 26/4/2017 to 23/05/2017.
  • Dr. Harshal  Madhukar Bachhav-Refresher Course in Chemical Science & Technology UGC – Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai, 25/10/2017  to 14/11/2017.
  • Sharad Kashinath Awate- Refresher Course in Chemistry, UGC – Human Resource Development Centre University of Mumbai, 12/11/2018 to 01/12/2018.
  • Dr. Yogesh S. Shelar- Refresher Course in Chemistry, UGC – Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai, 31/10/2019 to 13/11/2019.
  • Remedial Teaching for Slow and advanced learner students.
  • Every year Industrial visits are arranged for the student to improve the practical knowledge.
  • Department conducts the Add-On course for the student based on computer skills.

Study Tour at Cotton Industry

Live Webinar From Japan For
Career Guidance to B.Sc

Silver Jubilee Celebration

Social Awareness Skits

Parent Orientation

Food Microbe Exhibition

Career Guidance to B.Sc stduents

Teaching With K-Yan

Rangoli Competition

Convocation Ceremony

Convocation Ceremony

Convocation Ceremony

Every year students actively participae in Avishkar Research Convention, organized by University of Mumbai.

  • To start M.Sc. (By papers).
  • To organize international /National conferences/seminars/workshops.
  • To receive financial assistance from various funding agencies for Minor/Major Research Projects.
  • To set up the research laboratory.